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At the bottom of this page there is also two radio show interviews. You can hear our comments about the authorities in Dorset being dishonest and controlled by freemasonry.

Martin Underhill, Underhanded Blunderhill | Dorset Police

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Martin Underhill, Underhanded Blunderhill

We see Underhanded Martin Underhill, or Blunderhill as the Dorset Echo call him, after he left the window of a car belonging to Dorset Police open, causing a Sat Nav to be stolen due to his negligence. He is mouthing in the press about supporting victims, whilst at the same time allowing senior officers in Dorset Police Force to cover up, or ignore criminal misconduct allegations, that have wrecked the lives for a number of victims, that would lead to disciplinary or criminal charges.

Bailiff Theft, Assault, and Criminal Damage

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The footage above shows a documentary video clip of how Dorset Police would do nothing about a supposed licences bailiff who took a man's car keys, assaulted him, and damaged his video camera when he was recording the bailiff abusing a neighbour. This bailiff had no writ of Fifa giving him powers to execute or levy on the victims neighbour, and certainly no writ of Fifa to take a third parties car keys and then proceed to menace the man who had a right to film the bailiff's misconduct in the public interest.

David Cameron’s Big Society in Dorset

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So much for David Cameron's Big Society. This video clip is a brilliant piece of investigative journalism, showing the incestuous nature of the Dorset Authorities. You can see how Dorset Officials and Elected Members have been using Tax Payers Money as their own mulch-cow. They have been milking the system into meltdown and now they are pleading poverty.