Dorset Police could taser you for doing nothing

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Brothers-in-law Tasered and pepper-sprayed by officers during a stag do win a payout from police

  • Darren Corbridge and John Naylor were arrested during stag do in 2010
  • Police claimed they were violent and used pepper spray and a Taser
  • But their conviction was overturned when a judge saw CCTV evidence
  • The pair have now been given a five-figure payout and £90,000 in costs
  • In St Mary Street, Weymouth in the area of McDonalds, H Samuel’s, Next etc during early hours of Sunday 1st August 2010 at approx 0200-0230 hours (2 oclock to 1/2 past 2 in the early morning) there was an incident involving a number of police officers (including the use of taser weapons and gas sprays).

    Solicitors MUSTOE SHORTER, advertised in the newspapers for witnesses to come forward.

    As a result the gentlemen who were illegally tasered and then fitted up with trumped up charges by Dorset Police and the CPS, finally had their convictions quashed on appeal.

    All the time you have Senior CPS prosecutors like Roger Hall, and bent solicitors in the county council legal department like Dan Menaldino, supporting police officers who overstep the mark, you will have a draconian police force in Dorset. Dorset Police have a habit of using the council legal department to defend their officers, because the so called professional standards department cover up and defend police officers that should be facing criminal inditement. Instead of pursuing these officers for criminal misconduct, they force the victims allegations in to civil litigation where the dorset tax payers are penalised for the misconduct of these officers, by having to pay the compensation to the victims. On top of this Dorset County Councils legal team have lost the case and either them or the police now have to pay £90,000 in costs as well as a 5 figure compensation – See the video below.

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