Dorset Police Disparity of Fairness

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Matthew Baxter from Dorset Police, had criminal offences reported to him, he did nothing about it, then another officer, Detective Constable Holmes (Sherlock) then arrests and questions the victims instead of Baxter dealing with the perpetrators. Another example of Dorset Police Disparity of Fairness.

Dorset Police spent rate payers money at an awards ceremony in Wimborne on the 17 May 2016.

It would appear that the chief constable is still wasting rate payers money inviting dignitaries like the High Sheriff of Dorset to award ceremonies, where they are plying these people with food and drink at the rate payers expense. A prime example of Dorset Police Disparity of Fairness.

Here we see Inspector Matthew Baxter at one of these jamborees getting a pat on the back, when in fact he should be getting his rear end kicked. Unfortunately the Chief Constable and the professional standards department would sooner ignore complaints about Dorset Officers failure to deal with Criminal Allegations reported to them, and spend rate payers money on these jollies whilst at the same time closing police stations and cutting back front line services. Its all just Perks and Jobs for the Boys and Girls. No one in Dorset Police gives a damn about the victims of crime, they are only interested in drawing their salary each month and attending all the jollies and functions until they draw their pensions.

This only serves to justify our web/channel and our video documentaries.

Please see the video below exposing Dorset Police Disparity of Policy & Fairness

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