PC Stephen Toms (2041) Dorset Police Misconduct

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The reason things between the public & Dorset Police escalate is because these officers are often arrogant, provocative, and abuse their authority. See the Dorset Police Misconduct as showcased by PC Stephen Toms.

These officers either forget that they are public servants, or think that they are some how above the law and that the tax paying public are subservient to them.

Please see the video below.

Martin Underhill – See Video Before Voting for Him

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Martin Underhill, Underhanded Underhill – Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner

We see Underhanded Martin Underhill, or Blunderhill as the Dorset Echo call him, after he left the window of a car belonging to Dorset Police open, causing a Sat Nav to be stolen due to his negligence. He is mouthing in the press about supporting victims, whilst at the same time allowing senior officers in Dorset Police Force to cover up, or ignore criminal misconduct allegations, that have wrecked the lives for a number of victims.

Tony Burden Bullying, Maltreatment, Malicious Charges & Prosecution

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Inspector Tony Burden shows us how Dorset Police Bully, Maltreat, bring Malicious Charges and Prosecute a Disabled Woman.

Please see the video below.

This film that is made in the public interest and protected under international law article 10, relates to Inspector Tony Burden of Dorset Police and his alleged criminal actions that resulted in the torture, false imprisonment, malicious charging and prosecution of a disabled woman in connection with the resulting effect of the execution of an unlawfully issued search warrant from Weymouth Magistrates court by Chair of the Dorset Bench PD Homer.

CPS Institutionalised Corruption & Misconduct

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Dorset & Wessex CPS Institutionalised Corruption & Misconduct

This video exposes the Institutionalised Corruption of the Dorset and Wessex CPS. In a court case that cost the rate payers / tax payers over £10,000 with three court appearances, with police, CPS Prosecutor Elizabeth Valera and Duty Solicitors. Dorset Police were trying to fit up Mr & Mrs Gill on a trumped up charge of harassment relating to a Garden Gnome and a fictitious character called Charlie Chin in relation to an ongoing neighbours dispute.