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Superintendent Whittle Tells Porkys

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Superintendent Whittle like his predecessors, in the complaints department, would instead of properly investigating the misconduct reported to them, sooner Whittle about what the victims are publishing.

In fact Whittle is the head of the Professional Standards Department (Double Standards) Like his predecessors in the old complaints department, they do not like complaints made against fellow officers who they have served with. It is like asking Ronald Cray to investigate Reggie, especially where there is a conflict of interest, it is unethical in the way they deal with the allegations.

Dorset MP Annette Brooke & Nick King (or is it Queen?)

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We will be exposing politicians who are serving on committees responsible for the integrity of our police forces, when they are in fact ignoring police misconduct. these people are being payed renumeration for supposedly being on the committees that are in charge and controlling these officers. They all have their snouts heavily in the tax payers trough (The S.H.I.T Party).

Dorset Police Lie when issuing a fixed penalty notice

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We do not understand how Harry Barnes the Provincial Grand Master of Dorset Freemasons is still allowed to hold public office as a JP, where he will hear evidence from police officers who he knows personally through freemasonary against members of the public in Weymouth. Some years ago this bastard should have stood himself down instead of hearing evidence from one of his known masonic bretherin, against Barry Hunt of Weymouth. Barnes has never faced criminal investigation for Judicial Misconduct or Misconduct in Public Office over this.

Bailiff Theft, Assault, and Criminal Damage

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The footage above shows a documentary video clip of how Dorset Police would do nothing about a supposed licences bailiff who took a man’s car keys, assaulted him, and damaged his video camera when he was recording the bailiff abusing a neighbour. This bailiff had no writ of Fifa giving him powers to execute or levy on the victims neighbour, and certainly no writ of Fifa to take a third parties car keys and then proceed to menace the man who had a right to film the bailiff’s misconduct in the public interest.

Councillor Spencer Flower Steps Down

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Councillor Spencer Flower Steps Down due to the CPS instructing dorset police to proceed against flower.

However, Dorset Police Officers and the various Dorset Councils have been using rate payers money as their own mulch cow for so long that they are all urinating in the same pot.

Avon & Somerset Police Pull Over a DVSO Supporter

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Nowadays more people are aware of their rights and civil liberties, however the police are not. If they had been properly trained not to abuse peoples civil liberties, then why do they behave the way they do? Is it because the subliminal truth is that we are all living in a Police State? The only problem is the public do not realise it.