Dorset Police get it wrong again

Dorset Police execute a fake search warrant that has been issued unlawfully by Weymouth Magistrates Court.

Please See the Video Below

Around ten minutes before these goons forced their way through our front door ,the Chief Constable of Dorset was present in the lane outside, she has yet to deny it and she is also on film. These idiots have persuaded the head Magistrate of Dorset to issue a search warrant in connection with section 1 harassment, a summary offense. Search warrants can only be issued in connection with serious indictable crimes and offenses.

They also stole a van load of our property unlawfully and a kitchen roll.

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Since the authorities have spent hundreds and thousands of tax payers money on criminal justice boards, where these people are patting themselves on the back, congratulating each other, whilst eating and drinking with their snouts in the rate payers trough, therefore we now have the wooden top award for plod of the week, month & year.

This website video channel is a detailed record of these parasites all with their snouts in the tax payers trough. they are all protected and on the gravy train at the tax payers expense.

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