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April 30, 2013

All the Facts

Martin Underhill, Underhanded Underhill - Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner.

We see Underhanded Martin Underhill, or Blunderhill as the Dorset Echo call him, after he left the window of a car belonging to Dorset Police open, causing a Sat Nav to be stolen due to his negligence. He is mouthing in the press about supporting victims, whilst at the same time allowing senior officers in Dorset Police Force to cover up, or ignore criminal misconduct allegations, that have wrecked the lives for a number of victims.

We do not know the extent of Underhanded Underhill's sympathy with officers who have misconduct allegations levelled against them, or the officers who are his fellow masonic brethren.
One thing we do know is that Underhill was arrogant enough to write to one victim stating that he has no intention of investigating officers that have retired or are about to retire, clearly Underhill is going against home office policy and CPS Policy with regard to the investigation of historical crimes. It would appear that as far as Underhill's concerned this doesn't apply to crimes of misconduct historically committed by Dorset Police Officers.
What we do know is that when underhanded underhill was serving with Sussex Constabulary he was suspended from duty over misconduct allegations of having sex with a colleague whilst on duty. Immediately after this he retired from Sussex Constabulary, had a divorce with his wife, and came down to Dorset, here he now fits in with the new regime in The Dorset Police Force.



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