Mike Penning MP for Hemel Hempstead and Policing Minister

Find out the truth about Mike Penning MP for Hemel Hempstead and Policing Minister

Are you looking for the Truth? We expose the truth about Mike Penning, Minister for Policing Justice Victims.

Mike Penning is MP for Hemel Hempstead, the Police would think he is well suited for the job of Policing Minister, for the following reasons

Mike Penning is Ignorant - he even admits it in the video above

Penning was one of the main causes for this website and other websites being launched. His constituent in Hertfordshire went to him for help over major Police Misconduct and Misfeasance. His Constituent had lawyers set out and draft the criminal allegations against Dorset Police, so that it was lawyers officially making these allegations on behalf of their client. It was entirely the correct procedure to follow for the Hertfordshire man to go to his MP when Dorset Police would not deal with his complaints and allegations and insisted that he had to spend money engaging lawyers to make these allegations. This in itself was Institutionalised Misfeasance by the so called Complaints Department, as Penning's constituent main allegations of misconduct in public office, were against the Deputy Chief Constable (Andy May) who was the officer the complaints department reported to. Having done what Dorset Police Complaints Department told him to do, and pay lawyers to make the allegations on his behalf, they just simply refused to comply with the statutory instrument that was enforced at he time to send the allegations against Deputy Chief Constable May to be investigated by an officer of the same rank from an outside force.

The clerk to the police authority at the time (Peter Harvey) was involved in major Institutionalised Corruption, by referring all complaints to the county council legal department, to force the criminal allegations into civil litigation, there by protecting Deputy Chief Constable May from being officially investigated in accordance with the statutory instruments governing allegations against ACPO officers of his rank. The present Chief Constable Debbie Simpson, and previous Chief Constables know that these officers have been retired on large pensions, paid by the Dorset Tax Payers, and that they can still be investigated and charged with these historical criminal offences that they committed when they were in public service. The incumbent regime in Dorset Police, under Debbie Simpson and the so called Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (Martin Underhill) are continuing the institutionalised corruption by continuing to ignore these historical criminal allegations against the retired officers of this corrupt force.

Penning was either to ignorant to understand all this, or just so ignorant that he thought by ignoring it he would not become part of the problem instead of being part of the solutions as the MP representing the victim.

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