Misconduct in Public Office, Papers laid at St Albans Court

On Friday the 25th of August 2017, papers were laid at St Albans Magistrates Court Hertfordshire, commencing the private prosecution of the Police and Crime Commissioner of Dorset, Martyn Underhill.

The alleged crime is Misconduct in Public Office in relation to his failure to hold the Chief Constable of Dorset to account after the IPCC directed him to record a criminal allegation against her for failing to bring action against the Head Magistrate of Dorset for the fraudulent issue of a court document.


  • I have a similar issue with the MOD Police… and the Veterans Agency; they framed me and took me to court. Following the case, I went through the evidence with a fine tooth comb and uncovered multiple counts of fraud including hiding my Military Medical Records and specific tax documents all related to the indictments but the Police standards have buried my complaints as have the Veterans Agency so now I have hired a QC and now I am hoping the ‘Criminal Cases Review Commision’ will investigate the whole investigation as it now involves 8 Senior Police Officers and 4 lessor Police Officers and Head and Assistant Head and Fraud Manager of the Veterans Agency and 2 people from the Government Legal Department threatening me with legal action. It seems they are at it so I will consider Malicious prosecutions if the CCRC does not investigate. Dorset Police Standard say they won’t investigate as the MOD Police have already investigated it even though I explained the corruption within the MOD… My conclusion is they are all bent and will cover for each other!

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