PC J Dingle Incredibly Stupid Dishonest Public Servant

PC J Dingle is incredibly stupid and dishonest, yet he is paid a salary commensurate of being part of the Weymouth Enhanced Policing Team.

He hasn't even got the brains to find a letter box when he was sent out to deliver leaflets.


In fact, he is so stupid that he hasn't even got the brains to deliver a leaflet. For some reason the Senior Officers are using well paid enhanced policing officers to deliver leaflets instead of using community support officers, another waste of Rate Payers Money, but then this idiot hasn't got the brains to do proper police work. PC J Dingle had walked right past a large RED POST BOX and then spent sometime trying to think of how to deliver this leaflet when he couldn’t squeeze it through a crack in the door.

PC J Dingle Stole a Kitchen Roll from this same address a year earlier amounting to a criminal offence of theft and misconduct in public office. This overpaid public servant is not as intelligent as the Post Man who is a hard working, honest public servant. Apart from being more intelligent than this police officer, the main difference between the post man and PC Dingle is that we respect the Post Man.

A year ago, nearly to the date this incredibly thick police officer was somehow part of the Weymouth Enhanced Policing Team that carried out a search of this premises with an illegal FAKE search warrant, and the last thing they did was this dishonest officer stole a kitchen roll from the premises he was searching, and another thick officer in the so called enhanced policing team videoed him doing it.

This has earnt Constable J Dingle a Plod of the Month Award for the 17th May 2016 - please see this section of our awards.

This only serves to justify our web/channel and our video documentaries.



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Since the authorities have spent hundreds and thousands of tax payers money on criminal justice boards, where these people are patting themselves on the back, congratulating each other, whilst eating and drinking with their snouts in the rate payers trough, therefore we now have the wooden top award for plod of the week, month & year.

This website video channel is a detailed record of these parasites all with their snouts in the tax payers trough. they are all protected and on the gravy train at the tax payers expense.

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