PC Stephen Toms (2041) Dorset Police Misconduct

The reason things between the public & Dorset Police escalate is because these officers are often arrogant, provocative, and abuse their authority. See the Dorset Police Misconduct as showcased by PC Stephen Toms.

These officers either forget that they are public servants, or think that they are some how above the law and that the tax paying public are subservient to them.

Please see the video below.

The professional standards complaints department of Dorset Police have a long history of not dealing with allegations of misconduct in public office as criminal offences committed by their officers against victim members of the public.

The professional standards department prefers to have double standards and force these criminal allegations against their officers into civil litigation, which is in itself is institutionalised misfeasance. When the forced this case into civil litigation it ended up with an out of court settlement payout to the victim, at the expense of the rate payers and not at the expense of the officer that caused this.

These officers are public servants just like the Dustman. The only difference between Dorset Police Officers and the Dustmen is that we respect the Dustmen. The Dustmen pick up and take away shit, but Dorset Police give it to you.

In this video we saw PC Stephen Toms (2041) of Dorset Police behaving in the most unprofessional and provocative manner. You can clearly see he is trying to intimidate a man who was just in the process of loading his vehicle.

Furthermore PC Toms did not like the fact that his victim started to video the Police Misconduct and intimidation that he was being subjected to.

All this thick copper could do was to advance on the victim who you could clearly see from the video footage was retreating backwards from this intimidating officer who kept repeating himself for the victim to get the camera out of the officers face.

In fact, the only time the camera was ever close to the officers face was when the officer has continued to advance right up into the victims space and closing the distance with the man he is intimidating.

You can clearly see from the footage that the man was retreating from being bullied, while the officer continued mouthing at the victim whilst advancing on him. In fact, if the victim had been putting the camera in the officers face all you would have seen was this officers festering gob mouthing at the victim.

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  • I am the man filming this and PC Toms was incredibly aggressive that evening. Eventually had me handcuffed and dragged me to his car. This type of behaviour is why I am afraid of the police and avoid them at all costs. No solicitor in Bournemouth would take my case against the police as they said that I would win.
    Sad times


  • That Police officers tone is disgraceful. To state “He doesn’t care” is an outrage.
    These public servants are supposed to be highly trained in public relations.

    They want chucking in the bin, along with Council Tax rates and imaginary bullshit roles that they assign to themselves.

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