The Station Sergeant at Weymouth Ignores an Assault

MR Darren Hunt of Weymouth along with a MR Andrew Gill, were hauled in to the Weymouth Civil Courts by a Local Farmer and a Firm of Dishonest Dorset Lawyers. This is in relation to a neighbours dispute that Dorset Police forced into the Civil Courts. They have a habit of doing this instead of pursuing criminal cases.

In the civil case, a statement was placed in the court bundle admitting an assault on Darren Hunt. This is Prima Facie evidence that a criminal offence of common assault took place. Due to the fact that the evidence came to light in a civil court case, Dorset Police will not investigate or pursue the criminal offence of assault. Why do we need a Station Sergeant payed a salary commensurate with that position, who will not investigate an assault where the assailant has admitted this in a statement of truth in civil proceedings? Dorset Police were involved in major hanky-panky by providing police reports on child abuse that were nor relevant to the same civil action. To see a report on this case - click here.


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