Superintendent Whittle Tells Porkys

Superintendent Whittle like his predecessors, in the complaints department, would instead of properly investigating the misconduct reported to them, sooner Whittle about what the victims are publishing.

In fact Whittle is the head of the Professional Standards Department (Double Standards) Like his predecessors in the old complaints department, they do not like complaints made against fellow officers who they have served with. It is like asking Ronald Cray to investigate Reggie, especially where there is a conflict of interest, it is unethical in the way they deal with the allegations.

If you complain to the IPCC about the manner in which Whittle and his department have covered up or dismissed a misconduct allegation, it is given to Whittle and his department to investigate the allegation against themselves. We are not saying that sending allegations against Senior ACPO Officers, the Clerk to the Police Authority, or the Head of the Complaints Department, to an outside force will give an un biased pragmatic investigation. It would however be more ethical, and when the statute law under the old P-A-C-E act stated they had to do this, this force and the clerk to the police authority obstructed the powers granted by statute law, stating that those allegations should have gone to an outside force, but were in fact covered up.

If we ever get an outside force to investigate the hanky-pankie in the way Dorset Police Officers and Officers and Members of the Police Authority have failed to investigate misconduct allegations, we hope that Whittle will also face investigation and enditement.

The video clip above shows that Whittle will lie about the failure of Dorset Police to deal with Assault, Attempted Hit and Run and Breaches of the Public Order Act perpetrated against various neighbours in Pirates Lane, Weymouth. A Farmer named Mr Timms seems to think he can provoke his neighbours, assault them and stitch them up in civil court proceedings, because he has the influence with certain councillors aided and abetted by Dorset Police. To see details of the Stitch Up in the Civil Courts - Click Here



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