This Dorset Cop has totally lost the plot

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September 25, 2019

All the Facts

Sergeant Robbie Jephcott 2343 goes off the rails in a shameful, ego fuelled display of aggression toward a driver who refuses to follow his unlawful demands.

Here’s a list of everything the officer did wrong:

  • 1) Insisted the driver step out of his vehicle when he was under no obligation to do so
  • 2) Threatened to smash the drivers window because he explained himself
  • 3) Threatened to ticket the driver punitively
  • 4) Lied about his suspicion the driver had consumed alcohol
  • 5) Falsifying an obstruction of police charge
  • 6) Assaulted the driver
  • 7) Lied about checking the tint on the windows as a means to get the driver to open the door
  • 8) Had no equipment to test the opacity of the windows
  • 9) Attempted to stop the driver from filming under threat of arrest
  • 10) Refers to the Road Traffic Act as “the Road Traffic Law”
  • 11) Arrested the driver without necessity (or lawful reason)
  • 12) Placed the driver in handcuffs (maliciously) despite the driver not resisting
  • 13) Misstated the caution: omitted “Anything you do say may be given in evidence”
  • 14) Told the passenger he could not leave the vehicle, thereby falsely imprisoning him
  • 15) Listed “potentially being intoxicated” as an offence
  • 16) Suggested that his training elevated his ‘sergeant’ status to Inspector level.
  • 17) Suggested the driver was preventing the officer from confirming who he was
  • 18) Refused to state what station he was attached to
  • 19) Refused to tell the driver if he had been filmed
  • 20) Incapable of understanding the difference between delay and detention
  • 21) Walks off petulantly when the driver makes a statement in his defence

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